I have been painting and selling for most of my life and planning for the final decision to hang out my shingle (in this case create a website online) so to speak and pursue a passion that has been a big part of whatever successes I have achieved in the business world. From the beginning it seems Art is what makes the world go round, at least for me.

The credo that I paint into is "Subject matter provides the approach and therefore the challenge, to what the final painting looks like. Finding what to paint is a constant evolving process in my journey. I am looking for available subject matter that meets my eye. Once found I will pursue the shapes and  patterns that will form the painting FROM my eyes point of view.  As you can see my choices of subject matter come from a wide source of potential environments. My challenge is to than work the painting approach through use of color and paint applicationplus the patterns that are real or unreal to make the painting a personal "Calengor" offering.

If you like what you see on my site or are having trouble finding the right painting or subject matter to your liking  call me at 612-805-5405 it's all free!

Jerry Calengor